DEX LP Staking

Participants in DEX LP staking can provide liquidity to DLP on decentralized exchanges and receive rewards. To provide DLP liquidity on a decentralized exchange, you must deposit DLP tokens and the exchange's base currency in a 1:1 ratio.

For example, to stake $10,000 worth of DEX LP, you need to deposit $10,000 worth of DLP tokens and $10,000 worth of the exchange's base coin in a 1:1 ratio, for a total deposit of $20,000.

| Providing liquidity on the DLP-KLAY pair You will be providing liquidity by depositing DLP tokens and KLAY coins on the KLAYswap exchange.

| Providing liquidity on the DLP-USDT (BEP20) pair(planned) By depositing DLP tokens and USDT based on BEP20 on the Pancakeswap exchange, you will provide liquidity. With the launch of this product, you can enjoy two potential benefits.

  • Expansion to the Binance Smart Chain (BSC)

  • Hedging the price fluctuation risk of KLAY on the participant's KLAYswap

| Reward The reward percentage for DEX LP staking is the highest among the existing products on the DLP platform. There can be two reasons for this

  1. Additional assets (exchange base coins) are required to deposit DLP tokens

  2. The risk of price volatility of the required additional assets (exchange base coins) needs to be taken into consideration.

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