Use of Fund

All funds (BTC, KLAY, USDT, etc.) generated through the sale of DLP tokens cannot be directly used for the operation of the DLP Foundation.

they are restricted to limited use in places where DLP tokens are listed on centralized or decentralized exchanges to generate secondary revenue through additional liquidity provide.

The funds cannot be used by the foundation for any purposes such as foundation operations or employee salaries. The foundation will not allocate DLP tokens to the foundation or its employees. Instead, the funds required for the operation of the foundation (such as salaries, rent, server fees, etc.) will be allocated from a portion of the profits generated through platform operations. | Use of funds generated through DLP token sales.

  • Using SPMA to provide liquidity and financial transactions for outstanding projects listed on large exchanges.

  • DLP Buyback

This entire process is automatically executed through a smart contract and transparently disclosed via blockchain.

| Distribution of profits through fund management. The profits are distributed as follows: 40% for staking rewards, 20% for buyback and reserves, and 40% for project operations. However, in case of an urgent need for liquidity funds for exchange listings, there may be temporary adjustments to the distribution ratios, and if there are any adjustments, they will be transparently disclosed through the official SNS channels of the DLP Foundation. As the scale of fund management gradually increases, the distribution ratio for project operations will decrease, while the distribution ratio for staking and buyback costs will increase. This is intended to make the DLP project a more transparent and sound blockchain project, while providing more benefits to users who hold DLP tokens, so that the foundation can grow together with its users.

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