Token Distribution

The distribution of DLP tokens in the DLP project will be carried out according to a predetermined algorithm and detailed plan.

The DLP token distribution plan prioritizes the protection of investment capital for DLP token holders, and will proceed in line with gradual expansion according to the operation of the platform.

DLP tokens are supplied to the market based on the Standard line (Blue) as shown in the graph below. The distribution plan for DLP tokens is divided into three stages, and currently only the first stage (10% of the total issuance) has been confirmed.

| The first stage of the distribution plan DLP tokens are supplied to the market based on the Standard Line (Blue) as shown in the graph below.

  • The maximum amount of tokens that can be circulated in the first phase is 100,000,000 DLP (10% of total issuance).

  • The amount of tokens that are not circulated out of 100,000,000 DLP is defined as "Reserved Token."

"DLP Foundation uses DSRG to keep the price of the token above the Standard line (Blue)."

| DLP Buyback If the overall market conditions deteriorate or many DLP holders sell their DLP tokens, causing the price to drop to the -10% line (Green) or -20% line (Yellow), the DLP Foundation will use DSRG to carry out a buyback. In addition, if the DSRG funds are completely depleted and the price of the DLP token reaches the -50% line (Red), the DLP project will use the funds accumulated in a separate pool through DLP liquidity to perform an aggressive buyback strategy to increase the price and reduce the circulation volume to return to the Standard line (Blue).

| DSRG(DLP Staking Reward Guard) DSRG (DLP Staking Reward Guard) exists to maintain a stable price for the DLP Token. In the event of a sharp decline in the price of the DLP Token, a pool of funds (composed of BTC, USDT, KLAY, etc.) is deposited for buyback purposes, and these funds are secured from the profits generated by DLP fund management.

| Features of DSRG (DLP Staking Reward Guard) include: - The total amount of all rewards generated by DLP staking cannot exceed the value of assets (BTC, USDT, etc.) deposited into DSRG. - The use of DSRG is carried out according to a predetermined set of rules, and this process is transparently disclosed through reports.

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