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| Exclusion of Legal Liability Services provided by 'DLP and affiliates' are provided 'as is' and 'as available'. 'DLP and affiliates' do not make any explicit or implicit guarantees or descriptions regarding the accessibility, quality, suitability, accuracy, adequacy, completeness, or any other aspect of the tokens and related services. 'DLP and affiliates' expressly disclaim any responsibility for errors, delays, omissions, or any actions taken in reliance on the same. "DLP and affiliates" shall not be liable for any kind of losses including but not limited to any loss of revenue, income, or profit arising from the purchase of DLP, to the maximum extent permitted by applicable law, in any jurisdiction. Cryptocurrencies are highly likely to be subject to government scrutiny and regulatory investigations around the world, and may be negatively affected by legal actions taken by SmartPig and/or its subsidiaries. Any third-party wallets that have access to private keys associated with the wallet can access it. We are not responsible for any loss or destruction of such private keys. Scope of liability exclusion: All claims, damages, losses, costs including attorney fees, and expenses.

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