💸Revenue Models

The DLP project will continue to grow with the resources secured through its proprietary trading algorithm, SPMA Trading algorithms operate through two main methods.

  1. Liquidity Provide

  2. Arbitrage

| SPMA(Smart Pig Mining Algorithm) An advanced trading algorithm jointly developed by the DLP Foundation and SmartPig Co., Ltd. over several years. This algorithm is designed to maximize profits through liquidity provision and financial trading in highly volatile markets such as cryptocurrencies.

So far, upgrades have been made to position change and size limitation functions, as well as to functions that prevent entry into long/short positions depending on market conditions. Continuous updates are underway to create a perfect model that can minimize losses and maximize profits. According to the statement, due to the risk of malicious attacks such as counter-trading if the mechanism of SPMA is publicly disclosed, it cannot be attached. Instead, detailed trading information of the liquidity supply account being operated is disclosed through SmartPig's blog in the [Regular Reports] section.

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