Early-Stage Airdrop

"DLP team considers transparency of the project as the most important aspect."

The DLP token has a 0% allocation for team and marketing, but there is a history of Airdrops being distributed in the initial stages of issuance to support the growth of XPC and DLP (such as community participation). For your information, the DLP Foundation is currently separated from the XPC Foundation.

DLP tokens were distributed to XPC coin holders three times and to DLP token holders once, as shown in the table below.

XPC coin holders received a total of 2,540,408 DLP tokens (worth approximately 173,180 USDT as of March 8, 2023) in three rounds, while DLP token holders received the airdrop only once. The airdrop details are as follows.

| Airdrop details for XPC coin holders:

| Airdrop details for DLP token holders.

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