LP(Lequidity Provide) Algorithm

| Definition of LP(Liquidity Provide) 'Liquidity provide' refers to the act of intermediating asset trades by providing buy or sell orders or volumes that allow users to trade more smoothly when trading assets, mainly carried out by securities companies in traditional financial markets. | LP in the Cryptocurrency Market Initially, it was mainly performed by traders who moved over from the securities market or by centralized exchanges themselves, but recently, centralized exchanges have also provided opportunities for general users to participate through initiatives such as Liquidity Farming and Liquidity Mining. In the case of Binance, users can participate in liquidity pools and receive rewards through a section called Liquidity Farming. Based on a one-year period, users can receive rewards ranging from approximately 0.2% to 20% of the participating assets.

| DLP's LP(Liquidity Provide) The first goal of the DLP Foundation was to create an algorithm that generates higher profits than the services provided by large centralized exchanges such as Binance. After years of effort, the foundation achieved this goal by creating the SPMA algorithm.

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